Payment methods offers you the following 3 payment methods:

1) Paypal (you must have a Paypal account)

2) Online payment with Visa or MasterCard card via Netopia Payments

3) Payment via REVOLUT link, SMS, or Whatsapp, for those who have a payment application on the smartphone

After launching the order, you will receive by email all the necessary information that must be entered on the payment order; normally, at each order, you will be contacted by email or whatsapp, for any additional confirmation of the data and to prevent possible filling errors. ATTENTION, the delivery of the order is made only and only after the payment confirmation. Depending on the banking unit from which the payment was made, or if the order was made on non-working banking days (weekends or public holidays), the fulfillment of an order can take between 24 hours and 48 hours. To speed up the process or in case of emergency, please contact us and email us a copy of the payment document and write the ID order number.

Payment in advance
For the products that are not already on the website, or for the special orders, digitized by request from the customer image, the full payment in advance is charged.